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Adult Probation

24 S. Hunter Street
Stockton, CA 95202
(209) 468-4100

Juvenile Probation

575 W. Mathews Road
French Camp, CA 95231
(209) 468-4000

San Joaquin County Probation Department Logo

Juvenile Probation

575 W. Mathews Road
French Camp, CA 95231
(209) 468-4000

Adult Probation

24 S. Hunter Street
Stockton, CA 95202
(209) 468-4100


AB 109 Services Division

The County implements the requirements of the Public Safety Realignment Act, also known as Assembly Bill 109 (AB 109), through a Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) charged with developing a public safety realignment process. The San Joaquin County Public Safety Realignment Plan coordinates activities among several county agencies, the Superior Court, local law enforcement, and various community-based organizations. The Probation AB 109 Units include:

    • High Risk (includes K-9 Officer)
    • Day Reporting Center
    • Community Supervision
    • Transitional Age Youth
    • Assessments
    • Violent Crimes


Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division acts as support and oversight for the functional divisions, providing centralized administrative support, personnel, training, planning, research and analysis and reporting services. This division oversees most major projects, Safety and Training, backgrounds and onboarding of newly hired staff, and reporting of department outcomes and measurements of our clients’ success. The Units within the Administrative Services Division include:

    • Administrative Support Services
    • Field Training
    • Professional Standards
    • Range Master
    • Research and Evaluation


Adult Services Division

The Adult Probation Division serves and assists the Court in matters concerning the supervision of adult offenders and performs other investigations. The Deputy Probation Officers assigned to this division provide treatment and rehabilitation to adult clients, as well as provide referrals and services to victims. We utilize Evidence Based Practices to teach clients problem solving techniques to reduce recidivism. The Division encompasses multiple Units, including:

    • Intensive Supervision
    • High Risk Domestic Violence Field Supervision
    • Pretrial Assessments
    • Pretrial Monitoring
    • Investigations
    • Family Focused Intervention Team
    • Family Violence Supervision


Business Services Division

The Business Services Division encompasses the Financial Services Unit, including management analysis and contracts services. This unit provides centralized administrative support of financial services, budgeting, accounting, grants and contract management and reporting, as well as management operations support.


Systems Administration Division

The Systems Administration Division works in collaboration with the County Information Systems Division on large scale Information Technology (IT) projects including infrastructure, systems implementation and integration. The division manages and supports the department’s case management, administrative and support service systems, provides desktop support and assists with Probation IT-related project management demands.


Detention Services Division

Peterson Juvenile Hall (PJH) is our juvenile detention facility located in French Camp. The secure facility serves as the primary booking facility for all juvenile detentions in San Joaquin County. It has a rated capacity of 179 beds across five, 30-bed housing units and one 29-bed unit. Adjacent to the juvenile facility, there is a two-dormitory, minimum-security facility with a capacity of 45 beds referred to as Camp Peterson.

Programming throughout the facility is based on a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy model, using the Programming Passport, with a focus on targeting criminogenic risk factors through cognitive reasoning, and skill acquisition. It promotes the values and rewards of self-discipline, accountability, responsibility, tolerance, respect, sobriety, physical and academic education, vocation, basic life skills, and hard work.

The facilities meet all standards set by Title 15 such as a youth to officer ratio, personal hygiene, clean clothing and bedding, mental health and/or drug counseling, training programs, recreation and exercise, and visitation with parents or guardians. Medical care is also provided to all youth as needed.

Probation Juvenile Detention Units within Peterson Juvenile Hall include:

    • In-Custody Intake/Transportation/ Community Supervision Services
    • Camp (includes K-9 Officer)
    • Youth Advocacy


Juvenile Services Division

The Juvenile Services Division serves the Court and is dedicated to assist youth and their families while supporting victims to promote a safer and stronger community. We strive to reduce recidivism by providing Evidence Based Practices to our youth and collaborating with different Community Based Organizations to provide support, mentoring and services to the youth and their families. We also assist in preventing youth from entering the Juvenile Justice System by offering diversion services to youth who may be at risk of entering the system.

The Juvenile Division is comprised of the following Units:

    • Juvenile Investigations
    • Reconnect (includes K-9 Officer)
    • Placement
    • Project 654
    • Community Accountability and Prevention Services (CAPS)
    • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)/Programming Unit